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I am an independent trends consultant based in the South West with 14 years of experience working within the beauty industry. During this time, I have worked collaboratively with a diverse portfolio of clients and gained a great understanding of how trends shift and morph to shape cultures which affect consumer behaviour. The core of my business is to provide the client with future insights and innovative concepts that combine creativity along with good commercial sense. Above all, I can help future proof your business.


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Through access to one of the UK’s leading global lifestyle networks and along with my own extensive research, creative vision and experience, I can help you engage with changing markets, and deliver concepts that will help develop the overall customer experience. 


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Lou has creative flair which is rare to come by. I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and knowing, Lou for several years, during which time she led many trend forecast sessions and helped identify business opportunities within the beauty industry. Above all, I was impressed with Lou’s ability to deliver great insight into the beauty industry and provide a vast amount of information to a large team in a very creative and stimulating style. Lou is always very thorough, clear, approachable and inspiring in her manner; a pleasure to work with.
— Sonia Deary, Marks and Spencer
Working with Lou for the last 2 years at LF Beauty has been a delight; she’s always eager to provide invaluable insightful information used for marketing presentations and strategy meetings and goes above and beyond her day-to-day role without complaint. I’ve always admired and enjoyed her presentations; her research and attention to detail is second to none.
— Dani Garner, Collection Cosmetics
Lou has been a pleasure to work with, very time efficient, incredible creative ideas on trends and innovation and someone who is really professional with feedback and presentations for my vegan beauty company, Akita Brands. She is a great asset to any creative and research team for those willing to think outside the box and improve their products.
— Nikita Mehta, Akita Brands
Great experience working with hugely talented Lou. Her knowledge for beauty product, packaging, formulation and consumer trends were translated in clear trend packs which translated well into new product development. Lou is lovely to work with and has her keen eye out for everything that is new and interesting for our consumers. Strong presentations with a bespoke direction for each trend identified.
— Louisa Maaldrink, Buyer M&S Beauty
Lou has produced engaging, in-depth reports that combine a detailed analysis of current market trends alongside future insights which have been vital for us identifying the breadth of opportunity within any market.
— James Reed, Giant Peach Design


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